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I have always had a taste for sex. Even at the age of 7 I remember masturbating. By the age of 12 I had kissed my first boy and couldn't't help myself to go further with feeling his little dick in my hand as I reached down his pants. At the age of 14 I sucked my first cock. It seemed at the time he was 7 or more inches, but I remember relishing every last drop of his cum. By the age of 15 I kissed my first girl and of course couldn't't help myself to push the limits and had my first girl on girl action. Despite all my history I remained a virgin by staying in a relationship with a female until the age of 18. After our breakup, just after I graduated high school, I then began exploring men. I loved the tease and the chase but when it got down to it I became disappointed in the act. There just wasn't enough passion, mind play, lust as when the chase began. It was over quick and I was left wanting. So to this day I am seeking my partner in lust, passion and in crime. I want one who is long lasting and will fulfill my desires as well as my heart. If I am too much to handle he/she must be open to endless sexual possibilities. Including role-play/mind play, swinging and/or watching. Someone who loves nature and animals, and doesn't mind cuddling or a deep philosophical conversation. Age is unimportant it's your hidden darkest desires I crave and the warmth of your heart I long for. --------------

FANTASY: I host a party at a nice restaurant and send invitations to several women and men. They start arriving and begin to seat themselves at the table. 45 minutes in a few begin to question where their host is. Told by me the waiters start taking orders an hour after. They settle down and order their meals casually chatting and flirting. I can tell the ones who are interested in one another as their body language shows them getting closer and more intimate. As dinner is being served I delight in desert as I look up skirts and notice a few females came with out their undergarments. Slowly I approach one female who I notice is engulfed in conversation and no panties. I take my hand and place it on her thigh. She is startled but doesn't look down. I spread her legs gently getting a good view of her wetness. Not being able to help myself I bury my face between her thighs taking in her sent. The warmth of my BReath makes her moan a bit. I begin to lick her as she tries to continue the conversation. Then as ordered the waiter comes and advise the guests that their is a note placed beneath their plates. The note advises them all that their host is there to make a choosing on who gets to join the after party and any attempts to reveal her will leave you disqualified. A bit confused some question the intentions of the note. All but the female I was currently feasting on. As I took my turn on each of them they began to understand the underlining meaning as a few whispers were passed and moans released. I could see a some were more anxious than the others and watched as they undid their clothing for easier access. Some hard and some very wet. As I had my fill the waiter came and announced the time and destination of the after party. All were invited and were told to BRing a masquerade mask to wear. The secret of my identity was never revealed and I had my desert before the feasting.

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